Letter from Harold Brown, CEO:

East County Transitional Living Center has expanded from a seedy motel in 2003, to a place of real transformation. Our one-year proven programs have been very successful. Since we opened in 2009 as a transitional living center, over 5,000 homeless and addicted lives have been transformed into independent, self-sufficient , tax-paying citizens.  

Our program is unique in that 80% of our annual revenue is generated by our residents participating in work therapy programs.  Work Therapy provides our program members with a sense of purpose, and helps build their confidence and job resume for future employment. Our Work Therapy programs also helps us pay our bills while the lives of program members are being transformed.  We do not rely on Federal funding.

Every night there is a waiting list of broken families living on the streets who want to enter into ECTLC to transform their lives. And we cant help them because we have no extra room. This breaks my heart.

It's time to expand our facility so that 40 new families can enter into our life-transforming programs and break the corrosive pattens of poverty in their lives.

We need your help to fund construction costs of $1.5 million in order to shelter, feed and guide 40 new homeless families from the streets.

Your cash donation, or in-kind donation (if you are a contractor for example) will help us transform these homeless/addicted lives, and break the pattern of poverty in their lives for them, their children. and future generations to come.

Transformation is the real solution to the homeless and addiction epidemic.  We know as we see lives being changed every day.

Can you please help us?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 619 442 0457 or at hbrown@ectlc.org.


Grateful for your consideration,

Harold Brown

CEO, East County Transitional Living Center

New Building:

Our first of four expansion phases will be construction of two, three-story 4500 square foot buildings.

 Each of the two 4500sf buildings will consist of dorm style rooms to accommodate 25 residents per floor, 75 residents per building.

There will be 6 group bathrooms - two on every floor -each with 4 toilets, 4 sinks and 3 showers

These two new buildings will accommodate 150 residents of the single men and women’s discipleship program.The men and women will be separated in each floor.


There are 40 motel-style rooms within the existing building where the single men/women program members currently reside. These rooms will be remodeled in order to house 40 new families as a part of the Emergency Shelter and Family Restoration programs.

Remodeling will include installing insulation on the ceiling to regulate the temperature in each room, and to be more efficient with energy use. Wall repair, paint, and installation of new flooring will also be completed.


The projected completion date is end of 2018.

This date includes construction of the new building, remodeling of the existing building, and completion all of the associated infrastructure
The projected cost of the building, remodeling and infrastructure plus soft costs is $1.5 million dollars    



Your monetary gift will ensure the expansion of ECTLC so that more homeless families in desperate need can be served, and broken lives transformed.

All gifts to the East County Transitional Living Center (Tax I.D. 27-0865318) are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

By giving generously, you will help secure the future of programs that hold

the solution to an end to homelessness.

Thank you.



Project Cost and Time Line

Remodel of Existing Building

You are the key to helping her grow and prosper as a self-sufficient adult....

It's time to expand so that the lives of 40 new homeless families can be transformed.


East County Transitional Living Center

                                      A Place of Transformation

The daily waiting list of over 50 families desiring to enter into ECTLC to begin transforming their lives shows us that it is time to expand.